writing for the internetWriting for Internet Services and Partners

I work with Internet marketing companies, programmers, website designers, reputation management companies, advertising agencies and just about anyone who helps businesses with their Online presence.  I obviously also work with the business and practice owners directly.


For Web Designers:

After the basic layout and colors have been decided upon, the most difficult part of a web design job is getting the written  information from the client.  When the business owner can’t come up with the pages of writing and “Ipsum Lorem” will no longer do, the best thing is to contact a professional writer.  Putting the thoughts and ideas of the designer and the client into words is the job of this professional.

For Internet Marketing Companies:

Internet marketing professionals know what needs to be done to create a professional and widely visible Online presence for their clients.  Most of the marketing efforts include some form of writing. But not all Internet marketing companies or Reputation Management companies have writers on staff.  And not all business owners or other types of professionals have the time or inclination to write material for the web themselves.  Whether it’s blog posts, articles, press releases, white papers, eBooks. web site updates or social media postings it helps to put these in the hands of a professional writer.

Business Owners and Other Professionals

Over 95% of blogs are abandoned within the first two months.  People set up blogs with the best intentions.  But continuing with those blogs week after week can get to be too much for a busy individual.  But things like blogs and articles and additional web pages can make a big difference to online visibility, search engine rankings and web site visits; all of which can turn into calls and business expansion.  I will work with you to keep your blog posted, website growing and reputation expanding with articles and other online media.




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