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A press release is any bit of news that is sent out to the media by the company making the news.  Many smaller businesses don’t realize they have information worthy of distributing to the press.  There are thousands of places on and off the web looking for news and a press release is the way of presenting it to them.

The press release is a great way to get news about your and your business out to blogs, websites, search engines, newspapers, magazines and review sites.  And one of the great benefits of this type of release is that it can stay on the web and come up in search results virtually forever.

Not all press releases are created equal.  You may not have news equivalent to Apple releasing a new iPhone, Facebook acquiring a billion dollar startup or Jennifer Aniston doing anything at all.  But you do have news in which people will be interested.

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Here are some subjects for a press release:

Moving to a new location

Opening new offices

A sale or contest or sweepstakes

Milestone accomplishment

A charity event or donation

Company reorganization or new hiring

New product or service

Unique or new uses for existing product or products

New website or significant change to current website (such as new information, online forms or ordering)

Mobile website or App

New Promotional program like discounts or rewards

Free consultations or trial offers

Media and speaker appearances by staff or executives

Release of educational information such as new eBook, white paper or report

Any awards or recognitions

Helpful tips related to your business

Release of a new video or podcast

Report concerning the status of your industry or sector

*  The only warning that comes with this is that major news media and wire services pick up only the news that’s of interest to them.  So, if you have a press release covering the promotion of a new sales executive or moving your offices or upgrading your website, not all media will cover this.  However, a press release on this topic will likely still be indexed in the search engines and picked up by a variety of small sites or news feeds.  It’s always worthwhile to get more known.

Sample Press Releases

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