Newsletters as Creative Web Content

With proper use, newsletters are another form of creative web content. They can provide exposure, credibility, traffic to your website and increased business.

To get the maximum benefit from creating and sending newsletters several things must be done.  The email or mailed newsletter should be sent out consistently.  If you send it out monthly, don’t miss a month.  The newsletter should contain valuable information to make it something people want to hang on to or print out.  It should be designed for easy reading.  This last point is one often forgotten.  On your website have a newsletter archive or repository.  After you send one out post it that section.  Visitors will have more on your site to view and search engines will have more to add to their data base and to their search results.

To email your newsletter you’ll need to collect the email addresses of people you have bought your products or used your services.  If you haven’t already, start collecting those addresses now.  How you do this will depend on the type of business or practice you have.  When you get the address always ask if they’d like to receive your newsletter.

It’s also a good idea to gather physical mailing addresses where possible.  Every few months you can write a special newsletter and send it through the mail.


Copyright 2014 Meridith Berk