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A great give-away for your visitors and prospective customers, patients or clients is an e-book.  The book doesn’t have to be long and should cover just one subject.  A book written for the general public should contain plenty of illustrations or infographics and be clearly written with your audience in mind.

Obviously, the subject of your book should be useful to your public.  Ideally, it should contain information that will be referred to and be shared.  Encourage your reader to print the eBook by adding a checklist or chart.

Here are some of the advantages of having one or more eBooks of your own to share with visitors:

*  People signing up to receive your free Ebook and usually more than happy to go on your mailing list.

*  A good, readable and informative Ebook can get traffic to your website and interest in your business.

*  Once written, you have the Ebook to offer for as long as the information remains current (or you update it)

*  An free Ebook offer is easily shared.

*  The offer of your Ebook can be the subject of a press release.

*  Portions of of the Ebook can be released as articles or blog posts with links to your website or other content.

And don’t forget to include your contact information.

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