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The type of content you present to your audience will be dependent on the nature of the information being presented, how much time your audience is likely to give you, and the message being delivered.  Picking the right form to present your information will have a large effect on how it is received.

Looking for the right type of content?  Here are some ideas:

Infographics (a very “shareable” type of content)

Pictures (people, places, products – also a frequently shred medium)



Press Releases  (does not have to be “big” news, just something new)

Blog Posts (blogs are most effective when posted to regularly)

Tweets (more people pay attention to these than one might think)

Cartoons and Illustrations

Posts to social sharing websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Responding to other people’s blogs and articles


Book Reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores

Shared content created by others (best if taken from a creditable source and given full acknowledgement)

White Papers or reports



Getting listed on all appropriate Review and Directory websites

Responding to reviews and comments

Taking advantage of several of these is an excellent way to make use of the great marketing avenues the Internet has to offer.



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