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Having a book published with your name on it is the best way to enhance your reputation, educate your public and promote your business or practice.  Cover3

However, you probably don’t have the time or possibly the inclination to write a book yourself. That’s why I’m here. I will ghostwrite your book for you. The content will be based on your specialties and will be written in a manner to be clearly understood by the genral public.  You choose the topics to write about and approve the final edit.

With a book of your own you can:

Sell Your Book on Amazon and other Major Outlets

Display the Book on Your Website

Promote Your Book and Your Business or Practice with a Press Release

Provide Information Happy Patients and Customers Can pass Along to their Friends

Discuss the Book in Interviews on YouTube

Use Chapter Selections for Articles and Blog Posts and Emails

When you have a book ghostwritten for you:

You are the Author
You Have Final Approval
You Own the Copyright
You Sell or Distribute as You See Fit

Special Offer  ($2,450)

Writing a book takes knowledge, writing skill and time.  This is why it is normally so expensive to have a book ghostwritten for you.  Right now I am offering this special for plastic surgeons who wish to add the credit of book authorship to the many other laurels he or she has earned by being a highly educated and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

With this offer you will receive:

A ghostwritten book of approximately 100 pages (30,000 words) professionally written and edited.  Final text sent to you in PDF and DOC formats.  Topics chosen by you.

The number of chapters and topics covered will be based on your needs.

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Additional Services  ($275)

Custom Cover Design (Color) (choose from two concepts)
ISBN Number for Book
Set up account and upload eBook to Amazon

Print on Demand Services

Printed copies of your book can be made available through a “print on demand” publisher.

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