notebook-and-pencill-175Article Marketing

One of the oldest ways to establish authority and an online presence is article marketing.  Unfortunately, like many legitimate forms of optimization and communication on the web, this form of marketing has become extremely over-used.

You can now have someone take an article and, using software, “spin” it into dozens of similar ones.  You can get articles written at a few cents per word by people with no sense of the English language.  These are solutions to getting content under your name with links to your website.  But imagine how this really makes you look!

If you don’t have the time or interest to write an article yourself get it written by someone who actually cares about the content and the writing itself.

Done correctly, article marketing can be a real boon to your online exposure and search engine visibility.  An article of 500 words can be submitted to article depository websites like  The same information can be used as a blog post or two.  If the concept of the article is something that will lend itself to a visual approach you can then have it turned into an infographic or even a short video.  If this article was originally written around a search term important to your business all these different methods of communicating will work together to help you “own” that term.  This becomes a remarkably powerful source of optimization.

Article marketing can still work well.  Just make sure it’s a real communication and not just words you hope nobody will ever read.


Copyright 2014 Meridith Berk