Quality Content for the Web

I want to provide high quality content that benefits your viewers, makes you look great, brings more traffic to your website and increases your business.

Not so long ago content was all about quantity.  It was simply a collection of words stuffed with a specific search term.  This content had two purposes.  One purpose was to get links back to your website, the other was something to put on a page that could then be surrounded by ads.  Neither of these has anything to do with communication; giving engaging, quality information to the audience.

Google and the other search engines went through a change trying to eliminate all the useless and duplicate content on the web.  That helped.

Respect your audience and make the best use of their time.  Visitors to the web are constantly bombarded with data.  We live in a time of information overload.  However people are eager to absorb and to share content they feel will inform, entertain and amuse themselves others.  Put out quality content and it will make a difference in how you are viewed and in the expansion of your business.

Copyright 2014 Meridith Berk